I don't like reading any of this anymore, and the intro is rubbish

The Hellzone Begins

Speaker: Alrighty then, let the first contest begin!

Jump up high, jump up high!
Jump for the dumb objects!
Reach the sky, reach the sky!
And dance for the dumb objects!

Speaker: That was a great intro
Cola bottle: sounded like cringe
Speaker: Shut up!, anyway, the first contest is to cross this 500 mile desert, the last team to make it is up for elimination! GO!

Glassy: I know what we can do, we can use car! He's a vehicle, so he'll do fine
Crayon: great idea! Say glassy, would you like to be the second in command for the team?
Glassy: obviously
Cheeseburger: so now the mean girl is 2nd IC?
Fork: huh?
Cheeseburger: in command!
Fork: OH!

The red rovers get into car, flaggy and Jupiter fly their way

1 Ball: don't worry guys, hop onto me, we can roll our way there
Wheely: but you're not as fast as car
Splodge: let's just get on wheely

the blue beavers hops onto 1 ball

Wheely: try not to get dust in your eyes! Haha
1 ball: that's impossible!
Wheely: which makes it funny!

Speaker: Hah, teleportation, I love cheating, oh wait, I'm not a contestant...

Guitar: hey, guys, I think we're pressuring car a bit too much
Glassy: just, shush, k?
Fork: hey, guitar has a point, car doesn't have an infinite petrol supply
Crayon: 1. Car is electric, 2. We'll just change that!

Crayon plugs in an electric recipient

Cheeseburger: what does that do?
Glassy: it collects air, and turns it into electric!
Cheeseburger: kids and their sci-fi stuff.
Car: Honk

Wheely: door, can you see the red rovers?
Door: not yet
DVD: great, just great! It's nearly dusk, and were not close yet
Cola bottle: you bet that's bad, I don't even have legs!
Beef: quit the yelling! I'm trying to get some sleep
Splodge: wait beef, how can you... Oh, never mind
Door: hey, look, there's the moon!
Beef: see, splodge, this is why I'm trying to get some sleep, it's 9:55 and no sleep dust is building up yet!
Splodge: i get you, beef, I get you!

Crayon: ok, you three at the back, its 10:00, so you have the right to take a nap

Fork and Guitar instantly fall asleep

Crayon: that was quick
Car: beep

Flaggy: has anyone noticed me yet, maybe not
Jupiter: but I'm noticing you, even though I'm in space
Flaggy: *sigh*, we'll have to get you down to earth then

Cola Bottle: hey, wheely, why is door at the top and not me!
Wheely: because door is the tallest, she'll be able to see the red rovers from her view, so we'll know if were close
Cola bottle: but I have no legs! I should be stabilized at the top, sitting on bricky
Wheely: 1. Bricky might be a brick, but she's not a stable platform, and 2. You're not as loyal as door!
Cola bottle: grr

cola knocks off wheely, shaking everyone

DVD: WHEELY!!!!!!!
Wheely: woah, woah, wahgh, guys, make room for me, you can't use your leader! Splodge! Your now 2nd in command!
Splodge: thanks wheely, anyway, guys, grab wheely before she gets dizzy!

Splodge, DVD and Beef, grab on and pull wheely back to saftey

Wheely: thanks guys, but I think I'm gonna-- *BLEUGH!* DVD: cola, you make her sick
Cola: she deserved it!

Fork: Yawn are we close?
Glassy: just about 50 minutes
Crayon: and were doing a mile a minute, so, 50 miles
Fork: k

Wheely: right guys, cough, let's get moving, 1 ball, doing ok?
1 ball: yeah! Doing fine!

Speaker: oh, oh, here they come!
Glassy + Wheely: GUYS, keep going, only a few more yards!
Crayon + 1 ball: I'm doing my best, I'm doing my best!


Speaker: and the red rovers win!, blue beavers, your up for elimination!

Wheely: well, guys, even though we lost, we tried our-- faints

So voters, vote one of the blue beavers off, there is:
1 ball
And cola bottle
Voting ends 22nd of February 2018, votes after that date will not be counted!

The hellzone begins
Written by: South Carolina mapping
Inspirations: BFDI, inanimate insanity, object overload

The end!

Medicine: Oh, it's nothing, just that wheely's a bit sick, give her a couple of days
Splodge: ok, let's hope this works.

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