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Here you go, before Episode 1 began.

Meeting the Contestants And The Host

Fork: 1-Ball, You know that it’s so boring around here. Right?

1-Ball: Right.

Fork: Wait, i have a idea! Let’s make a object show with 16 contestants!

1-Ball: Good Idea!

Speaker: I remember hosting BFDI, But I wish i had some others to host.

(Fork And 1-Ball comes to speaker)

Fork And 1-Ball: Speaker, i wanna tell you something. (ugh stupid autocorrect)

Speaker: Let me guess, you want me to host a object show?

1-Ball: Yeah! And it will be called Dobjects. Right?

Speaker: Ummm, Okay then! Everyone, who wants to compete in my show to win a 1 million dollar mansion?

(16 people comes up to speaker)

Speaker: And also, there will be More than 1 season!

Speaker: So you 16 that came up here has a chance to win A 1 million dollar mansion!

To see the rest, Go here: Dobjects 1x01

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