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Not to be confused with the BFDI character who was once named "Dictionary", Book.

I could really help with English homework.

Dictionary is a recommended character who appeared in "A New Stage In The Game".


Dictionary is a rectangular book with two covers on either side. Many white pages are squeezed between the two covers. On either cover is a wave-like split design with turquoise-blue on their right, including the spine of the book, and green on his left.


Dictionary is a smart and intellectual individual who has a large knowledge of words and definitions. However, it may be implied that Dictionary's definitions are heavily biased.


  • Dictionary's definitions are as follows:
    • BFDI: An animated reality show on YouTube very similar to Inanimate Insanity.
    • Paper: The first ever eliminated contestant. He has minor anger issues and is friends with Knife... which I didn't think was possible but, whatevr.
    • Nickel: An anthromorphic Nickel with no arms. He is good friends with Baseball and is known for being a bit bossy, but many still like him.
    • Baseball : The second eliminated contestant. He is white with red seams on his sides. Many think of him as "shy and quiet."
    • Apple: An idiotic fruit with a very low I.Q.
    • Bubble: An anthromorphic bubble with a voice condition. It is apparently female but has the voice of a man with an unknown accent. She wins immunity a lot due to unknown favoritism of her to the creators of BFDI.
    • Firey: An anthromorphic fire. It has an animosity with Coiny. Honestly, I perfer Coiny over Firey, but whatevr, the fans are stupid.
    • Knife : An anthromorphic pocket knife that loves pulling pranks and gags on the other contestants. He is also the largest bully on the show.
    • Taco: Has mental issues because she -
      • Many words in Dictionary's definitions are spelled wrong, most notably "anthropomorphic" is misspelled as "anthromorphic" in each definition. "Prefer" is spelled as "perfer", and whatever is spelled as "whatevr".
  • Dictionary shares many ties with Book from Battle for Dream Island, as the two look nearly identical (although color swapped).
  • Dictionary is commonly mistaken for a female, most likely due to the Dictionary in Battle for Dream Island (now known as Book) being female, and that Dictionary was a heavy inspiration for the Inanimate Insanity Dictionary, but Taylor Grodin said that he is actually male.