Dice, labeled The Six Sided, is a female contestant on Object Mayhem. She is a member of Team Lucky (Team Gun when Gun was still in the show), and Tunes Untuned.


Unusual But Good

In Unusual But Good, Dice gets chosen by Ice Cream to be on Camera's team. When Gun said that he wants to call his name Team Gun, Dice disagrees and she thinks it sounds fair and it's not all about him. In the first challenge, Gun thinks since he is the strongest, and he can do it by himself, but Dice thinks that it's for all of the members, but Gun disagrees making her cry. Because of this, Team Gun is up for elimination.

Find it!

Dice appears with the rest of Team Gun in elimination. She was safe with 6 votes and she got a donut. In the second challenge, Gun said that he wants to do it my himself like last episode, but Dice said that if Team Gun works together, they would achieve more, but Gun said whatever. After Gun throws a coin at Calculator, Dice said that it was very mean to do that, but Gun said that nobody likes her. At the end of the episode when Heart appears, Dice was crying because Gun was mean to her in the past months and she can't put with him anymore.

Robot Frenzy

Dice was seen who is standing on top of Sharpener. The third challenge was to play a game of tag. Dice doesn't know where Button and Burrito were and they were missing all day. Dice starts to run away from the robots. Gun said to Dice that his team doesn't want to lose this time, and Dice wants to know how. He fell off the cliff causing him to scream, and Dice was happy when he's gone. However, Dice was tagged by a robot causing her to get caught. Dice starts to look for Burrito and Button since they are missing.


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