AIR - Netty

Diamond,possibly - Netty
This is a enchanted cotestant or a fighter that reffence from Miss Pergrine's Home For Pecuilar Children.

Reason: Fire
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Diamond for pic icon

Name:Diamond Team:Coming soon Friends:Coming soon Enemies:Coming soon Species:Blue Glass Gender:Female Like:Challenges and treats Dislike:Being crashed into peices

The first contestant to appear on the contests and challenges. She want to make friends with everyone but not who's an meany.Diamond also appeared on Shape World in episode 3 of the first season he managed to get into the game he must not have played that much but he was never eliminated but he was not the winner



(FightToTheWinEpisodes And Eliminations)

Episode 1:Coming Soon

Diamond Bored
Diamond body
Diamond gasp

Elimination place: Not yet

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