Firey Replacement Box

"The. Delta and Zeta Scene (Jacknjellify's STH RP). Needs. To be. Fixed! Help me. Get it. Fixed!” - Firey Speaker Box
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2020 Sonic seems to be standing at E-103 Delta and E-105 Zeta.

  • 2020 Sonic: So.. Are you just uhh.. Genderless? Aren't you?
  • E-103 Delta: What?
  • Mania Sonic: You know. These blue and pink machines are girls.
  • 2020 Sonic: Mania.
  • Mania Sonic: Yea?
  • 2020 Sonic: Did you know they are android humans?
  • Mania Sonic: Yep 2020, sure they are.
  • 2020 Sonic: Meh, your right.
  • Boom Sonic: So you know 2020 and Mania. I had a great dinner with my GREAT girls.

Slide to Boom Sonic holding bucket rings next at woman with short jeans and white bra at beach.

  • Boom Sonic: I love these rings for a big time to seem from Mobius! You wanna try?
  • Beach Lady: Eh, okay.

Slide back to Boom Sonic.

  • E-103 Delta: Uhh...
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