If you win a challenge, you get a token box based on your placement.

10th=No Box

9th-8th=Rusty Box





(Note, uf the placements get a little too unfair, I might change it up.

Rusty Box Tokens

Nothing Token:This token does, well, nothing

Rusty Token:This takes away 1 of your votes

Stone Token:This token takes 1 of your votes and gives it to another user.

Useless Token:This token is the Alpha version of the Nothing Token. It doesnt do anything when you use it, but changes into a random Common Token the next time you are up for elimination

4 Token:This token summons 4.

X Token:This Token summons X.

Occult Token:This token helps you summon a random demon.

Tem Token:HOI! Im Tem!

Sans Token:This Token summons Sans to help you in the challenge, but lately he has been seen slacking off in the harder challanges...

Common Tokens

Mettaton Token:This token plays the “Death By Glamour” Song the whole elimination, and summons Mettaton to help you in the challenge.

Toriel Token:This Token summons Toriel, who gives you some Butterscotch Cimnnamon pie, which gives you an advantage.

Papyrus Token:This token summons Papyrus, who will put you in a puzzle. If you win, you get to skip half of the challange.

Excuse Token:You get to skip the challange.

Flowey Token:This Token summons Flowey who-Wait what?! Flowey?!?! Dear god someone help!!!!!!

T Token:This token, if used on Thursday or Tuesday, will give you an advantage.

S Token:This token, if used on Sunday or Saturday, will give you an advantage.

Uncommon Tokens

Mini Token:This token takes away a fourth of your votes.

Win Token:This token takes away half of your votes

Immunity Token:This token makes you immune.

Revenge Token:This token gives half of your votes to another user.

Asriel Token:This token is a mix of the Asgore and Toriel Tokens.

Asgore Token:This token sends you to Asgore’s castle, where he will explain the challange after the next.

Frisk Token:This Token fills you with determination, letting you skip the challange.

Rare Tokens

Undyne Token:This token lets you skip the next two challanges!

3rd Token:This token gives you 3rd place in the next challange.

2nd Token:This token gives you 2nd place in the next challange.

Rainbow Token:This rainbow gives you a Common Token.

Double Rainbow Token:THIS IS A MIRACLE!!!!!! You get a random Uncommon Token!!!

Awesome Token:This Token makes you awesome!

Legendary Tokens

Chara Token:You get to kill off a user. Theres only one left.

Gold Token:There is only one of these left!!! You get to be immune, as well as not getting to do the next challenge! And, You get 1st place in the challange after the next!!!,!!!,!!!

Ancient Token:This token lets you gain any token ever.

Infinity Token:You get to skip the next 3 challanges.

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