Ow the edge

"Shadow-Ow the Edge"

This is the edgiest thing alive. Beware of how blinding the edge is

Reason: Edgy lol

Prepare to die, Fox

- Deathstrokey to Braixen

Deathstrokey, also known as Detahstorke (by his closest friends) or Slade Wheelson is one of Injusticey's many cousins.


He hates animals. He used to armless. He grew arms when he was 15. He tried to kill Braixen once but Injusticey stopped him. He also tried to kill Frisbee; he ended up killing himself.

He is the only sibling of Injusticey with arms. He has several weapons.

His friend, Tom, who he thought was killed, he found him frozen (by Sneasel) in Object Pennsylvania.


Deathstrokey,along with Saucepan Man and Soops joined Super Paper Objects 64. They won 2 challenges, and in episode 4C, he was eliminated (Nemolee.exe's fault) in a double elimination along with Saucepan Man. He placed 11/10th


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  • It 's revealed that he doesn't hate all animals (does not include Braixen)
  • He's the oldest sibling of his cousins
  • His name is a pun on Slade Wilson,
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