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This article contains Non-Canon. Be sure that it's fake/unofficial series to be released.Thus, have no bearing on the official lore of the series.Please remind us: This was ONLY for non-canon series due to no reason provided, so be warned!

Dark Red Ball is an a now confirmed noncanon form of Red Ball created by BrownFamily1108. Dark Red Ball is now owned by AzUrArInG since that it's basically a more powerful version of Red Ball who was created by AzUrArInG.


Note: This is a form of the normal Red Ball's old personality which after the changes, this became noncanon so the old personality is still the same

Dark Red Ball is really evil, he is mean, and really cruel. One time, Dark Red Ball (as his normal counterpart) wiped out 1.2 billion objects all at once, but they were all revived by someone. He even destroyed multiple cities, he never got into jail and even fought against tanks with just by himself with nothing and blew all of them up. He also planned on destroying the universe, and cares about nobody at all.


  • Dark Red Ball is now considered noncanon to AzUrArInG himself as of recent times and considers the OC by claiming this. Tyler trying to join in the mix and make Red Ball more of this so-called scary villain like I stupidly planned on back when I first created the original OC in a way, this is basically a try-hard, which I was like that at the time when the original character was first created, I'd like to consider this noncanon now with me actually trying to redevelop my characters and to make them actual interesting and not so stupid or dumb in a way.
  • Dark Red Ball is now owned by AzUrArInG since it's a stronger form of the normal Red Ball and which the normal one is created and owned by AzUrArInG.


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