• MLG Agumon: Hey wazzup we're going to get a special guest! Maybe it's DerpaYou!. BUT HEY LET'S GO TO HOSECAKE AT ROSEBLAKE!
  • MLG Agumon: Just going to go to likes first. SEEMS LIKE 50% OF THE VOTES GO BOTH TO GOTTA SWEEP AND RED TEST TUBE. But Gotta Sweep deserves it.
    • A Ruler
    • Detention for someone
    • Anti-Hearing Tape
    • A FAKE Win Token
  • MLG Agumon: Dislikes... RTT got 0 votes. WhAT, YOU WANT HER TO WIN? 62.5% of the votes go to...
  • MLG Agumon: BUYEE!
  • Buyee: I hate you everybody! I hate you now Ka- (gets burnt)
  • MLG Agumon: Oh, hey, what the heck is HAPPENING TO THIS FREAKIN ELIMINATION ZONE!
  • (everyone is warped)

At a certain event stage in Inokashira Park

  • Ace Book: Hm... I wonder what kind of TemTem they likes ...
  • Ace Book: Oh, in a good time! Hey, I have no idea of TemTem, so please help me! Be sure to check this!
    • (Note: The type that can be used is written in the official wiki)

How 2 Do Da Challenge (man what the heck? battle did this early and now he has to get MORE WORK)

  • Name(origin of name)
  • Type
  • Motif
  • Appearance


  • MLG Agumon: K thx. Let's just do this.
  • Shoutmon X2 falcon punches Ace Book into the Moon
  • (Scream of the audience)
  • Shoutmon X2: SILENCE! We don't need Ace at all. YOU GUYS ARE CRAZY!
  • Kabloom: Yeah, I hate Ace Book!
  • Mechy: Same.
  • (audience silences)


  • (Ace Book warped back, audiences backed to normal)
  • MLG Agumon: Okay, miss book is goin' have to judge for us! After the judgement, I guess you guys already know! No, it's not me dying. Laclale judges this time!
  • Ace Book: Don't call me that name!(Turns into Grasses Ace)
  • Kabloom: Pfft.
  • (everyone pffts)

  • Flame: ... (5)
  • Blood: VIOLENT thing detected. (2) (goin' say -5)
  • Wlid: ... (3)
  • Auxilary: 2nd is fine. (9)
  • Animastiler: Fine. (11)
  • Yoku-Yoku: They doesn't have hiphen in name. (8)
  • Nahuel-Lueng: They doesn't have hiphen in name. (10)

  • Ace: Flame's additional comment says truth. They don't know TemTem! Business contact, stage events are cancelled
  • MLG Agumon: Shat up, we don't cancel object shows here.
  • Ace: O_o
  • Shoutmon X2 Falcon Punches Ace into Block Man. Block Man throws Ace into the sun.
  • MLG Agumon: Don't SCREAM at me or X2! Here's the results!

  • Kawanime: 13
  • Universal Tacos: 24 (gaster blaster's was [consored])
  • Another Name: 4 (little horn's was also [censored])
  • Ferocious Falcons: 0 (none of them answered?)
Note: Unfortunaly, Ace forgot to judge little horn and gaster blaster's responce

Ferocious Falcons is up for elimination!

But hey, actually, I'll just eliminate Red Test Tube since she's just got the most likes

  • Ace(You can't kill or move away her): NO! and, Who did that warp.
  • Nahurl's Book: Can you tell me how this occured? Please :(
  • Ace: In my eyes, it seems they only seem to have warped suddenly. I didn't notice to MLG Agumon, Kabloom, Mechy, and Shoutmon GS.
  • Display: Stahp wit teh drahma, plezzzzzzz
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