Hey guys. I'd like to say I'm going on a hiatus this Tuesday and I'll return next week. I'll still be active, but yeah. I can confirm the next season unfortunaly does not allow any past characters to return, and I can confirm that their will be 36 contestants, BATTLING! FOR! THE! ULTIMATE! PRIZE!

  • MLG Agumon: Oh wow. I'd say let's just get onto the challenge.

SO.. the challenge is:

  1. Tell me Ending of Harry Potter: The Deathly Hollows in your own words.
  2. Tell me how you think of 3 of these:
    • Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea
    • The Gray Garden
    • TAWOG
    • The Loud House
    • DMRE
    • Starshot Levelworld
    • Numberblocks
  3. How cool is Shapey?
  4. Make your own Robot Master and describe his weapon and his weakness. If you need examples search up things like "Hard Man Mega Man Database" or something like that!



  • Little Horn (T3): 24/30, "heaven" doesn't sound like a special weapon. Sorry!
  • Gaster Blaster (T2): 20/30. Singleplayer mode isn't THAT fun, Ixol's Glitchy Hell doesn't sound like a Special Weapon, but eh.
  • Pandora Book (T3): 7/30. Too much IDKs, and I know you were supposed to do three, but hey! Also you don't want to create a robot master. Why?
  • Gumball Machine (T2): 5/30, "a lot of campers camp on you" doesn't sound like a nice explanation for, you kinda copied Battle with 2D, and not to mention you didn't create a robot master.
  • Moneybags (T5): 18/30, you misread the 3rd Part, being "how cool is shapey", not "how coal is shapey", and uhh you can't have invincible robot masters.
  • Monstro (T5): 28/30. PERFECT SCORE! Except you're off by two. And I guess the "shapey is cool like ice cube" is an insult, right?! Just like how Harry Potter says that Sirius's mother is good as Umbridge?
  • Nahuel's Book (T1): 12/30, yeah sorry but Shapey is a Shape World related object, and "Water" isn't a good element. BUT!!! You get an extra 10 points for SHIPS! 22/30!
  • Starry (T3): 1/30, you copied Monstro's 2nd Part and do you even know what a robot master is? Trixxlexic isn't a valid name, and the weapon and weakness is weird.


  • T1: 22
  • T2: 25
  • T3: 32
  • T4: DEAD!
  • T5: 46
  • T6: 0

T6 is up for elimination peeps, but cause I'm lazy I pick MYOC. Bye Myoc!!


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