Firey Replacement Box

"The. Cylinder Scene (Jacknjellify's WoTW RP). Needs. To be. Fixed! Help me. Get it. Fixed!” - Firey Speaker Box
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This morning, Announcer is at the news when caught on camera at Martian Cylinders in the forest.

Announcer: (On News) We are now return in Goiky. The Martian Cylinder has landed in the forest of deep. It came from Mars. Once this before all. It was mysterious as to where it came from.

The Objects enters a forest and notices at five of Martian Cylinders.

  • Firey: What the..?
  • OJ: What the hell is that?
  • Ruby: I don't know.
  • David: AW SERIOUSLY???
  • Leafy: It looks like kind of this.
  • Donut: (with camera) Alright let's see what we check inside?
  • Ice Cube: What?
  • Lollipop: Alright guys that's enough. We had no matter where it is just came from already so tell me an answer.

Objects are waiting for Martian Cylinders.

  • Spongy: Uhh.. Mars?
  • Toilet (II): So... Now what?

Suddenly, the Cylinder opens, the lid fell off and the Martian Invader comes out of the cylinder and Objects gasped.

  • Firey: Sweet mother of god..
  • Toilet (II): Alright, you don't say his name in v-

The Martian Invader attacks and kills Toilet.

  • Ruby: OH MY GOD!!!!
  • Donut: This is gruesome! It's going to kill us all!
  • Rocky: *crying*
  • Snowball: Oh you little baby! Let's go!

The objects ran away from the Martian Invader in forest.

  • Cheesy: Hurry! Hurry!
  • Rocky: *still crying*
  • Spongy: Ahhhh!
  • Flower: GO!!! GO!!! GO!!!

Suddenly, more Cylinders opens and the few lids fell off.

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