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Cyan Ball

Cyan Ball's Pose Made by PvZ-Mapping-PolandballFan

If you are looking for the character from Object Terror and not this crappy OC, click here.

Cyan Ball is an OC made by Minh6969. She's a nice person but sometimes bossy, while competing, she always try her best to win.


Battle for A Gum (Delayed, mostly Cancelled)

She is the team leader of team Cyan-tastic!. In To Win or Not To Win, she was eliminated with 4 votes. Here i
Cyan Ball new pose

New pose

s her vote history:
Cyan Ball

New body

Episode # Votes
Episode 2 0
Episode 3 0 (Immune)
Episode 4 4 (Eliminated)

OC Popularity Vote

She is also a contestant on OC Popularity Vote. She placed 5th place.

Object Co.

Cyan Ball in Paint

Cyan Ball drawn in Paint.

She's the director of Object Co., which likes to give her staffs some fun by making lots of events like Taco Thursday,...

Battle For Trillion Dollar

She's an RC in BFTD, which didn't have much information in it.
Cyan Ball Speaker Box

Cyan Ball Speaker Box

MePhone4 got rekt so hard lmao


Pine Tree

She is annoyed by him due to his annoying personality which makes them enemies.

Status: Enemies


Nothing to say, Drop is Cyan Ball's favorite character in OC Popularity Vote mainly due to her color almost exactly as Cyan Ball, although they don't intereact much.

Status: Favorite (At Cyan Ball's side)


Coiny is Minh6969's favorite character, which makes Cyan Ball likes him too (because science)

Status: Friends

Mario Mustache

She and Mario Mustache are friends, Mario Mustache is rooting for her to win after he got eliminated by Gamey.

Status: New friends


Cyan Ball and Gramophone are friends, due to the fact that both of them are made by Minh6969.

Status: Friends


  • Cyan Ball is shown to can creates tornado with just a flick.
  • Her least favorite object show is Inanimate Insanity.
  • Her favorite food are jellybeans and hotdog.
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