Cutie Sunflower Announcer, now known as Cutiesunflower Speaker Box, was a contestant in Announcer Madness, one of the BFDI Camps. She was tied to the final 6. She was created by Cutiesunflower. She was the creator of the BSOD Remake in Announcer Madness Again when A.I Computer got an error while trying to boot up.

Subsequently, she hasn't appeared in any other show other than Announcer Madness, but she has a chance to appear in other media.


Unlike other speaker boxes, she has three designs. Her first design is Pink, Yellow, and Green. It doesn't look really good. The second design features Cutiesunflower's old profile picture with a better color design. Her third design makes it all green instead of yellow and pink. Her profile also changed. Yellow and brown are mixed together to make a sunflower.

History in AM

In episode 3 she did her cameo like the rest of the characters. She lost the first challenge, and at episode 4, the elimination, she was safe with 0 votes.

In episode 6 she passed the quiz competition, and was safe from elimination.

In episode 8 she lost the challenge, making her up for elimination in episode 9. Again, she was safe with 0 votes.

In episode 10, she lost the challenge yet again, making her up for elimination. In episode 11, she was safe yet again at 0 votes.

She was sent to the TLC in AM:A 1 along with the other six.



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