Crystal Towery is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Crystal Towery’s body is a floating stack of three multi-coloured gems. At the top is the red gem. The next gem is the orange and yellow gem, in which her eyes are in the orange section, and her mouth is in the yellow section. At the bottom, there is the largest gem, which is green, dark green, blue and pink. In between the bottom and middle gems are her arms. She does not have any legs.


Crystal Towery is new to the world that other objects live in, because she once lived on a different planet, but because she was an outcast there, she came to Earth, where she is less of an outcast since she has friends, but an outcast nonetheless. People lie to her, since she is naive, and her version of truth is twisted.


  • The colour of her crystals can be changed at any time if he tries hard enough.
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