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Crystal is an OC made by Minh6969. She is nice, cute, calm but clumsy. Sometimes she turned into evil. Her favorite hobby is meditation. If you point a flashlight to her, she will illuminate rainbows. She has an IQ of 85684673824959760706342689723405983482653678563406583465284650876893257874386543456546899345895709327698789327689352680970295.


OC Popularity Vote 2

She is a contestant on OC Popularity Vote 2 after Cyan Ball falls asleep forever. After, killing Kale and Baseball Cap, she finally got executed. Her last word was "AHAHAHAHAHHA!!! I MAY BE DEAD, BUT MY SOUL WILL LIVE FOREVER (at least to join other people's camp)". After that, her spirit replaces her.

Object School

After stealing Algebra Book and Geometry Book from CDG and Grenade, they do meditation together, which AB and GB really enjoys doing it

Battle for Nightmare Island

She is shown to be the host after Announcer went off battling the other speaker boxes.


Cyan Ball

After Cyan Ball and the other comatoes falls asleep forever, Crystal replaces her and say that she's gonna rescue her first.

Status: Friends

Algebra Book

After stealing Algebra Book from CDG, she and Crystal along with Geometry Book do meditation together

Status: Minor Friends


Although they aren't interact much, Dice and Crystal are both Mafias in OC Popularity Vote 2.

Status: Neutral


Known as PFFs, when they meet, they discuss about their ideas, which they respect each other.

Status: PFFs


  • If you point a flashlight to her, she will illuminate rainbows.
  • Crystal is one of the Gemlings, the most wise objects ever known.
  • It is confirmed that Crystal has a long lost sister named Diamond.
  • The reason why Crystal is evil is because she had a terrible childhood. Everyone hates her and think that she's a wimp. Her parents commited suicide after their house got burnt. Her sister ran away.


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