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This is a joke article, created to make fun of a certain subject. Please know that it is not supposed to be taken seriously.

”Awww Man!”

Creepery is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Creepery’s body is the body of a creeper - a long body like a stick with 4 small feet at the bottom. Creepery doesn’t have the weird face and has a normal object show face. He also has arms, which normal creepers don’t.


Creepery is a person who likes to scare people, creeping up behind them and making them jump; he’s a bit of a jerk. If he gets angry, he can spontaneously combust, causing him to explode, wiping out anyone near him. Once his explosions had the effect of killing 100 people out of the 1000 people he injured. Creepery even killed Evil Blaster’s Alliance, which he was banned from. Creepery is a very strong person who is hard to fight.


  • He was originally female, but the idea seemed unrealistic to ButterBlaziken230, and was only an excuse to make a female character.
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