Crayon is a female contestant on Object Overload and Object Overload Reboot. She served as a supporting antagonist in Object Overload but in Object Overload Reboot she started to get a little nicer. She was eliminated in Lost and Found along with Tissue. she is also the co-host on Total Wheely Airlines


She doesn't do much in challenges and sometimes makes her right-hand man/lady/thing Melony do the work. She kills anyone who doesn't work for her. She is a gossip girl and says like and OMG a lot, but she can also be really sensitive when around really mean bullies such as Lighter.


In TUB, she becomes more friendly and eventually learns how to finally be kind to others. She gets eliminated in week 4 with around 514 votes against her, though Test Tube was really close with 510. She was supposed to rejoin the next week, but due to Donut turning evil and stopping her from rejoining, she was held hostage until Donut was defeated and rejoined in Week 6 with 627 votes.


In TWA, Crayon is a male and is the co-host



  • Carolyn Hilton (KittyFan2004)
  • Clara Kershaw (NLG343)
  • Cyrille Lefèvre (Ze Tossere)
  • Carol Yassinia (NahuelFire39)


  • January 19, 1994 (KittyFan2004)
  • October 7, 1995 (U4Again)
  • September 21, 2001 (NLG343)
  • March 21, 1992 (Ze Tossere)
  •  ??? (NahuelFire39)

Where Crayon is from

  • Palmer, Massachusetts (KittyFan2004)
  • Aberdeen, Scotland (U4Again)
  • Los Angeles, California (NLG343)
  • Paris, France (Ze Tossere)
  • London, England (NahuelFire39, WheeliumThe2nd)


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