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Color:Maroon with lime leaves

Friends:Jackie (In love)

Cranberry was born in Winsconsin, and fell in love with Jackie when they first met at 12. He has to move to Tennessee, to find out Jackie lived there. The 2 have since been roomies and Cranberry is planning to confess his feelings. He hates Thanksgiving because people eat him. Cranberry is openly a homosexual.


Color:Taupe, Orange sunglasses


Birth name Jacket, Jackie was born in Wyoming. He has a pretty crazy life story, he was kidnapped at 6 by the Lakota Siouz after he bothered someone who was secretly tbeir cheif. He met Cranberry at 13 when he escaped and found him catching bugs. He hates thanksgiving because Cranberry hates it and he doesnt want him to get killed. Jackie is an open bisexual.

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