Spanish Coat Of Arms Pose

Sign up as one of the symbols! 1. Name, 2. Gender, 3. Personality, 4. Location in flag, 5. Classify your country symbol's overall character as brains, brawn or beauty? 6. Limbs, 7. What do you think you will win? 8. Will you be active? Tribes: Maasai tribe (Brawn), Nguni tribe (Brains), Zulu tribe (Beauty). The signup, name, genders, personality, classifying overall character, Limbs, thinking what you will win, being active and the tribes (excluding the tribe names) are inspired by IAmWolfNinja for his camp (Flag Survivor). Tribe names were inspired by the Kenya and Eswatini symbols and the Zulu language from Google Translate. Credit to IAmWolfNinja for the things (including tribes), Kenya and Eswatini flags for 2 tribe names (Maasai, Nguni), Google Translate for Zulu tribe name. Maasai Tribe: None yet. Nguni tribe: None yet. Zulu tribe: Spanish Coat Of Arms (WheeliumThe2nd)

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