Cosmic Brownie originally known as Rectangle Donut is a OC made by Cutiesunflower. He is a brownie with sprinkles on him. He has a white face. He might appear on Fight For The Prize. His new design uses a brown base of Cosmic Brownie instead of black and his sprinkles are bigger than before. He also appeared in Object OC Battle and Object 3 in 1 School.


His personality is similar to Spongy. He is nice and friendly, but he is very slow and can do challenges badly unlike many other OCs.


Cutiesunflower Hurt and Heal

Cosmic Brownie made his first hurt and heal appearance in Cutiesunflower Hurt and Heal with the other 19. Due to his fatness, he was eliminated and placed 4th because of TheRobloxianGuy67, but he made it this far.


He made his first object show appearance in DMRE. He didn't join with the most votes, but he joined by Arle's Choice.


See Cosmic Brownie/Relationships.


  • Cosmic Brownie is currently the only Spongy Clone to be made by Cutiesunflower.
  • Cosmic Brownie is one of a few characters that are brown. The others being Cosmic Cupcake and Pickaxe.
  • Cosmic Brownie is the only Largest character to be created by Cutiesunflower.
  • Cosmic Brownie doesn't like to be called Biggie Brownie.
  • He also appears in Object Elimination, but his appearance is not the same.
  • There is a FAMOUS Instagram named after his name called Cosmic Brownie Slime.
  • His size is similar to Spongy's because he is a Spongy clone like him.


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