The Abominable




  • Christmas Star
  • Poison Mother Cactus
  • Yarn Ball
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Cardy
  • Excalibur
  • Ink Tank (Before Ink Tank joined TFFM)


  • All TFFM Characters (except friends)
  • Moneystack
  • Siren Lyre
  • Peach
  • Notebook
Coolerang, known as the Abominable, is a character of TBFS who rips off Gingerbread Object.


Coolerang is 31 years old, born without any eduction at all. He does not speak perfect language, and instead makes grunts or "unghs", and is dumb. Because of this, communication is very hard. Coolerang has traits similar to ARMS characters, being that he has extendable spring arms, wearing one Chilla and one Scorpio, but he can change these at any time. So that means he can have TWO Chillas or TWO Scorpios. Or, TWO Toasters. Coolerang isn't very sweet, thought, as shown he is commonly mad. He has the strength of a Yeti, and rather is very big. He trusts his friends, but mainly used to completely trust Ink Tank. Coolerang's fighting capabilities, on the other hand, is very well known for. Just by having a Scorpio he can climbs walls and strangle his foes, sometimes easily punching them to death with his Chillas. His Guardian is very SHOCKING (get it?), and he can easily just block hits. Unfortunaly, when it comes to attacking with it, it goes very slowly. Fortunaly he's very slow in movement, so you can easily hit him.


Coolerang is an Arm, basically the same as Boomerang, but blue & green.


  • Before Coolerang was made, Cringy Object, a badly-made Plasma Orb was made. Then, Yeti Fur. After seeing the Coolerang the Coolerang came to existance.
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