Welcome to the sequel of Cool Hurt and Heal! Where contestants from BFDI/A, BFDI Recommended, BFB, Inanimate Insanity/II, Letters, Numbers, plus 14 recommended characters will participate in this hurt and heal! :)

Unfortunately, this series is now cancelled due to lack of activity.


  • Each contestant has 100 lives at start.
  • 0 lives, and they're dead. Nuff said.
  • Max is 1,000 lives.
  • A minimum cooldown is 2 hours if someone does not hurt or heal.
  • You may not hurt or heal the same contestant twice or more a day.
  • When users are banned, they can't hurt or heal.

Banned Users


Types of Hurts/Heals

  • Normal Hurt/Heal - 1
  • Super Hurt/Heal - 5
  • Ultra Hurt/Heal - 20
  • Hyper Hurt/Heal - 50
  • Omega Hurt/Heal - 100 (this can only be used once a day)





Recommended Characters

Please limit this group to 14 characters!

Sorry, no more RC's (Effective July 4, 2018)

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