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"Those it look like that i care!"

—Conch Shell at numerous times

Conch Shell is a male contestant in BFTPITS. He was taken by Cutiesunflower.


Conch Shell doesn't seem to care about anything with his catchphrase being: Those it look like that i care!. He is grumpy and shows almost no emotions to anything. This is because he is not capable of feeling any emotions in himself or in other people. When he does something, it's mostly something that he doesn't care about. But there is a few things that he actually likes to do like eating, walking alone, listening to water sounds and a few other things. He is very calm and never raises his voice even in situations that he dislike to be in. He sometimes doesn't believe in other people's abilities because he doesn't think that they can do it until he sees them do the thing that he believed they couldn't do it. He is a little rude but he isn't mean to anyone and mostly respects them (he is also one of the few contestants that Basil actually likes). He is shown to have a decent amount of common sense. Even if the challenge is something that he doesn't care about, he will still do the challenge because he knows it is necessary to do it if not his team will be up for elimination. He is the only contestant that doesn't care if he wins the palace in the sky or not and he participates in the competition because he didn't have a choice.