Computer is the host of the original Object Terror, but in the first reboot, he was the co-host. In the second reboot, he is the secondary host.


Computer has a gray, HD-television-esque body. His screen is shown as red in the artwork, but it shifts into different colors when animated.

His old version was white with a static cyan screen. His first reboot design featured a black screen and under it it said "FRUIT JOKE HERE." He looks almost similar to his first reboot design in the first episode of the second reboot, albet having the animated color-changing screen.


Computer is apparently smart, seeing how he was building Printer in "Kings of Parkour." He also apparently likes working for the show, as he made "less that minimum wage," what he thinks is tons of cash. In "Kiloto the Minoto," it was revealed that he used to work in a chemistry lab, but got fired after drinking an unfinished potion.

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