Comic Book aka The Hothead is a contestant of Fight for It. 1 2 3 Go!


Comic Book is a red comic book with an image of a fire and "TOTAL FIREY ISLAND" on the top with "Illustrated by the H. Brothers" at the bottom, referencing TFI created by the Huang twins.


Comic Book likes drawing and it's his profession, though his extreme lack of patience and small mistakes he makes are enough to set him off. The anger lingers in him for a while as hours later, he can still be angered easily.

He is the type of person who wants everything he does to be perfect, he hates mistakes and would even force others to fix it if he thinks they did not do well.

Despite that, his mentality makes him a good leader as well.


  • Comic Book's cover used to be a joke cover.
  • He used to always hold a drawing instrument everywhere.
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