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Colored Pencil is a female contestant in TBIS.


Colored Pencil is a dynamic character (character who changes over time). She changes color depending on which mood she is (e.g. Sad- Blue or Happy- Pink)

Colored Pencil also stars in OAF.

First apperance (TBIS)


Elimination (TBIS)


First appearance (OAF)

She was mentioned in Chapter 1 but she never had a line until Chapter 5.

Elimination (OAF)

Chapter 7

First apparence (BFST)

Episode 5A when RCs was be showed.


  • Her first line was in Chapter 5 were she said, "*turns blue* yeah....... *cries* its.......... because.......... people voted me."
  • The second color she changed into was red when she got mad at Ribbon.
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