Coin aka The Con is a contestant of Fight for It. 1 2 3 Go!


Coin is a gray nickel with the word "EA" on her and "$19.99" at the bottom.


Coin is a con and scammer, she shows no remorse for what she does mainly because she does it for fun and returns it to her friends, but when it comes to other strangers, she does it for real mainly for people she knows or people she knows who are in need.

Coin is also a prankster, finding joy in messing with her friends and others, she may appear condescending but is actually fun to hang out with.


  • The EA and $19.99 is a reference and joke to Coin's personality.
    • The joke being the EA "robs" it's players by making them pay for other things, something similar to what Coin does.
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