Coffin Is An OC created By Engie49


Coffin Is A Black Wooden Casket With Two Differently Colored Eyes. He Always Has an Angry/Annoyed expression on his face.


Coffin Is Just Like Any Other Goth,Showing hatred towards Every Good Thing. He Supports Evil Leafy. He Also Makes Fun of Loser's Name.


One Of His arms Are Shorter Than The Other.

He Also Has Differently Colored Eyes. The Creator Made this mistake on purpose.

If One Looks Closely,His red Eye is smaller than his white eye,This mistake Is difficult to notice.


  • He Is The Darkest Of Goths.
  • He Once Killed An Entire Family.
  • He Killed His own parents because they supported Loser.
  • He Killed Firey Countless times.
  • He Said All Of the Bad Words In front of a police officer,then got arrested for verbal assault.He escaped prison thanks to Evil Leafy.
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