Codey, the Ordnance Object, is Kabloom's invention when he was a kid. He always follows Battery's instructions, due to Battery stealing him when he was a kid and somehow reprogramming him. Back in the past, Kabloom actually made it simply a "hexagon with feet that loves to tell jokes", but later, when it was stolen, Battery equipped him with originally a broom which smacks people, and reprogrammed the circuits to obey him. He also equipped him with a BICYCLE HELMET. However, one day, while Codey was on rest mode, Kabloom managed to tear off a huge chunk of his "skin" and stole it for a cape. This made Battery mad, and so the real hate began. Later in the future, Battery remodified him to have ROCKET LAUNCHERS instead of a broom, and a more dangerous hat, but because it was now torn, it was supposedly weak to being charged and hit with a powerful punch. Also, he was reprogrammed to obey Battery's friends.


Codey, like said, obeys Battery and his friends, and generally has a condescending attitude towards others. He likes blasting down anyone who insults him, mostly Mechy. However, in the spare time, he likes to dance, but sometimes, even blast buildings down. Other than Battery's building.


  • Codey used to be Mechy's Alter-Ego/Alternate Name.
  • Codey was released early since Mr. Yokai found out someone ALSO had a Codey, but in the form of a code.
    • Unfortunaly, the guy who made him placed another image.
  • Codey, along with objects such as Bouncy, are a reference to SIBRE. However, he was mainly based off of Ordnance Man.
    • However, because Kabloom made him when he was a kid, he doesn't have those cool treadmill feet.
  • UNRELATED: When Mr. Yokai saw he that their was complaints about his unoriginal (he thinks) thinking, he changed Codey's name to Mechy, but sometimes kept it. However, in the end, the other Codey was renamed to Mechy. While Mechy was Codey, Codey had a code face, but later developed other faces.
    • Despite this, the planned "DMRE Rewinded" is going to have him instead of Mechy.
  • Codey's weakness being charged at with a powerful punch is a reference to Ordnance Man's weakness, which is All Edge.
  • Codey may be like TSRITW in some comics, except his feet are NOT hidden at all times.
  • His helmet is sometimes used as a screwdriver.
  • Codey spares Duffy, because Duffy is too young. However, Battery usually comamnds Codey to blast Duffy, which happened a few times. The only time Codey didn't spare Duffy is when Duffy was using his helmet as a toy.


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