code:mercencary, abbreviated as c:m, is a 3d object show which has yet to see the day of light, but its expectancy of release is april or may of 2020 made by sharped edge animation. this show takes place in the year 2029 futuristic era, which added a deep lore, gore, and aesthetic artstyle


-in the year 2029, the world stopped going to conflict, and focused on creating, improving, and strengthening the newest technology out there, then all of a sudden, an unknown empire, unofficially known as redhawks, have been attacking most of the world's countries to put under its unified grounds. the world dislikes that, and tried to fight the enemies, the world's soldiers weren't prepared, and they all got decimated and mostly became targets of unification by the redhawk empire. so there established the multinational anti opposition force, an ally hiring 10 of the world's strongest mercenaries out there, hoping to seek the end of the enemy


there are a total of 10 contestants in code:mercenary

  • bayonet, an american who seeks success for his family
  • binoculars, an italian with prestigious career as a sniper
  • boot, a greedy russian with an obession of firepower and looting
  • butterfly knife, a british assassin that has great ability with her dual pistols
  • canteen, an american engineer specialized at turrets, bomb diffuses, door breaking, and repairing vehicles
  • katana, a japanese assassin best at melee thanks to special powers
  • medkit, a brazillian who serves as the team's medic
  • radio talker, a german engineer who does about the same things as canteen, but sends radio communications also
  • sunglasses, an austalian sniper who uses hunting techniques to take down enemies
  • uzi, a french soldier that serves as the team's heavy
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