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Blue Puffle From Club Penguin
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This is a page that features content heavily related to the Club Penguin game series.

Cheese Ball as a Zombie

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Club Object Logo







Respect Others

  • No bullying or being mean to others.
  • Make sure you always treat others the way you would like to be treated.

Chat Nicely

  • No rude or inappropriate language.
  • Political and Religious discussion is not allowed.
  • Chat of game manipulation/cheating is not allowed.
  • Inappropriate jokes are not allowed; this includes references to them.
  • Asking for personal information, such as names or ages, is not allowed.
  • Speak of social medias is not allowed as they can contain explicit content.

Stay Safe Online

  • No sharing of personal information.
  • Never give out your real name, phone number, address, email, or password online.
  • Don't direct another player to other websites.

Play Fair

  • No cheating or use of third party programs.


  • Inappropriate homes are not allowed: funerals, politics, etc.
  • Using clothing and/or dance actions in an inappropriate way is not allowed.

Banned Usernames

Before the username is viewed by other players, a screen name must be approved by moderators. A name is deemed inappropriate if it is offensive or reveals personal information such as your name or school, So here is the names that are banned.

  1. Diaper Biscuits
  2. James Thompson
  3. Stmaryshigh
  4. Facebook (Only In The Mexico Verison)
  5. ., \, And * (Only In The New Zealand Verison)
  6. Sarah (Only In The Morocco Verison)
  7. Adolf Hitler
  8. Hermione (Only In The Mexico Verison)
  9. Nutella (Only In The Italy Verison)
  10. @ (Only In The China Verison)
  11. Devil
  12. 4real (Only In The New Zealand Verison)
  13. brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxuclmnckssqlbb11115 (Only In The Sweden Verison)
  14. Smelly Head
  15. Traffic (Only In The Mexico Verison)
  16. Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii (Only In The New Zealand Verison)
  17. IKEA (Only In The Sweden Verison)
  18. Robocop (Only In The Mexico Verison)
  19. Any Name That Begins With The Letter C (Only In The Iceland Verison)
  20. Bridge (Only In The Norway Verison)
  21. Fish, And Chips (Only In The New Zealand Verison)
  22. Osama Bin Laden
  23. Divorce
  24. COVID-19
  25. 2020
  26. Slavery
  27. Dinosaur
  28. Hugging

Object Types

You Can Only Pick One Of These Types (Except The Ones That Require Membership) When You Start A Account And When You Go Into Game You Can Buy More Types From The Object Style Catalog For 20 Coins (100 Coins For The Ones That Require Membership) Each


Season 1

Season 2

Season 4

Season 5


Season 1

Season 2




Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


Object Trek (DLC)

OCs And Recommended Characters (Membership Only)

Guest Characters (Membership Only) -Events-


Image Type Cost Favorite Toys Needs Membership Discovery Date
Blue 400 Coins Beach Ball No 17/06/2020
Puffley (Red)
Red 400 Coins Three bowling pins, cannon, helmet, parachute No 17/06/2020
Pink Puffley
Pink 400 Coins Skipping rope, trampoline Yes 17/06/2020
Black Puffley
Black 400 Coins Skateboard, catching on fire Yes 17/06/2020
Green Puffley
Green 400 Coins Red Propeller Cap, Unicycle, and 3 red balls Yes 17/06/2020
Purple Puffley
Purple 400 Coins Bubble wand with bubble mixture and disco ball Yes 17/06/2020
Yellow Puffley
Yellow 400 Coins Paint Pad, Paintbrush, easel, movie camera, Slate, directors chair, black directors/artists hat, paint, canvas Yes 17/06/2020
White Puffley
White 400 Coins Ice Skates, Frozen Wave, Snowcloud, Ice Rink Yes 17/06/2020
Orange Puffley
Orange 400 Coins Box, Wagon Yes 17/06/2020
Brown Puffley
Brown 400 Coins Beakers, Rocket, Plasma Ball, Helmet, Parachute, and Safety Goggles Yes 17/06/2020
Grey Puffley
Grey 400 Coins Yarn Ball, Training Dummy Yes 17/06/2020
Teal Puffley
Teal 400 Coins None Yes 17/07/2020
Rainbow Puffley
Rainbow Free after completing

all four tasks at the Puffley Hotel.

Cloud, Royal Throne Yes 17/06/2020
Gold Puffley
Gold Free after digging

up 15 golden nuggets.

Pickaxe and Dynamite, golden Jackhammer Yes 17/06/2020


Image Buddy List Icon Name First Appearance Has A Puffley Puffley Type

Most Recent Giveaway

Crow's Nest Pose

(Ft: BFODR Offical)

TBA Crow's Nest TBA Yes Red TBA
Neo Flower
TBA Neo Flower TBA Yes Purple TBA

Puffleys! Catalog


Image Name Added Available Cost Needs Membership
Puffley Beds 27/06/2020 Yes 250 Coins Yes
Puffley Houses 27/06/2020 Yes 500 Coins Yes
Small Scratching Post 27/06/2020 No 150 Coins Yes
Large Scratching Post 27/06/2020 Yes 250 Coins Yes
Puffley Ball 27/06/2020 No 150 Coins Yes
Running Wheel 27/06/2020 No 150 Coins Yes
Scratch Tower 27/06/2020 No 350 Coins Yes
Puffley Washer 27/06/2020 No 450 Coins Yes
Puffley Tree 27/06/2020 No 220 Coins Yes
Puffley Tent 27/06/2020 No 460 Coins Yes/No
Puffley Igloo 27/06/2020 Yes 400 Coins Yes
Puffley Condo 27/06/2020 Yes 280 Coins Yes/No
Salon Chair 27/06/2020 Yes 400 Coins Yes
Water Bottle 27/06/2020 Yes 50 Coins Yes/No
Water Dish 27/06/2020 Yes 50 Coins Yes
Double Dish 27/06/2020 Yes 80 Coins Yes

Event Clothing

Image Name Cost Needs Membership
Beta Party Hat
Beta Party Hat Free (During The Beta Testing Event) No



  1. Beta Testing Event (June 17th - June 18th)
  2. Muppets Now Celebration (July 20th - August 1st)


Main Rooms

  • Cove
  • Dock
  • Dojo (Dojo Courtyard)
  • Forest
  • Iceberg
  • Beach (Lighthouse, Beacon)
  • Mine Shack (Mine, Hidden Lake, School, Skatepark)
  • Plaza (Underground Pool, Pet Shop, Pizza Parlor, The Puffley Hotel, Mall, Stage)
  • Cloud Forest
  • Ski Village (Ski Hill, Ski Lodge, Lodge Attic, Everyday Phoning Facility, Puffley Wild)
  • Snow Forts (Stadium Or Ice Rink)
  • Town (Coffee Shop, Book Room Night Club, Boiler Room, Arcade, Gift Shop)

Special Rooms

  • Box Dimension

Devilzgold Rooms

  • Devilzgold
  • The Big Crow's Nest
  • Ship Hold
  • Captain's Quarters

List of Games

Room Game(s)
Ski Hill Sled Racing
Ski Lodge Find Four, Ice Fishing
Lodge Attic Find Four
Beacon Jet Pack Adventure
Dock Hydro Hopper
Coffee Shop Bean Counters, Smoothie Smash
Book Room Mancala
Night Club SoundStudio, Dance Contest
Arcade Astro Barrier, Thin Ice, Bits and Bolts
Pizza Parlor Pizzatron 3000
Pet Shop Puffley Launch, Puffleyscape
Puffley Park Puffley Roundup
Cove Catchin' Waves
Mine Cart Surfer, Puffley Rescue
EPF Command Room System Defender, Spy Drills
Iceberg Aqua Grabber
Dojo Card-Jitsu
Fire Dojo Card-Jitsu Fire
Water Dojo Card-Jitsu Water
Snow Dojo Card-Jitsu Snow
Captain's Quarters Treasure Hunt
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