Clock Hands is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230. They are more commonly referred to as Minutey and Houry.


Clock Hands’ body is the part that tells you the time on a clock. Their body contains a tire-shaped bronze piece which can move two arrows, one being longer than the other. There used to be a third arrow that didn’t have an arrow head, but that guy fell off to go his own ways. Myths say that person was related to Blue Pole.


Since Clocks Hands has two personalities, this part will be split up.


Minutey is a cocky individual who likes to taunt Houry, showing off how fast he can move. Minutey is a very social person who has way more friends, usually gaining fame and attention by mocking Houry.


Houry is a usually quiet and intelligent person who, at times, can be mean to Minutey, too. Houry usually is able to argue back when being mocked, stuttering sometimes at his usually immense crowd. Houry sometimes gets annoyed by Evil Blaster’s Alliance, but Minutey helps him out when he needs it.


  • He is ButterBlaziken230’s second split personality character.
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