Click Crack Lightsmack is the latest Object Show Mr. Yokai created. It does not feature Kabloom, but he is expected to be a co-host.

Teams & Contestants

Their is 15 teams.

  1. Team Fortress
    1. Icicle Launcher (sound sheet's brother, he's kind of stubborn)
    2. Drill (very stubborn)
    3. Ink & Feather (he is poetic, pretty much hates video games)
  2. Planning a Name, Sorry
  3. Object Odyssey'ers
  4. Crafty Chickens
    1. Mace (quite of a hardy, a big pushover)
    2. Tesla Tower (video gamer; sarcastic, VERY)
    3. Chainsaw (evil, loves nothing but killing, can grow into titan size sometimes)
    4. Practice Pad (very athletic)
  5. Woomy Masters
    1. Slosher (a hothead)
    2. Blaster (an average guy)
    3. Brella (selfish about everyone, cares only about her things and herself)
    4. Rumblebang (prankster)
    5. Boomshot (scaredy cat; gets scared about everything)
    6. Bworb (goes unconscious lots of times, such as hitting his head on a wall)
    7. Sentry (robotic)
    8. Dualies (they're both twins and they like each other that they want to win)
    9. Roller (a paintroller, likes to paint everybody)
    10. Kraken (the splatoon weapon. he's basically squid-like)
  6. Big Daddies
    1. Wander Over Memer (old funnee meme mr. yokai made, expected a redesign)
    2. Boomerang (bit stupid)
    3. Bubble Shield (it's a blue one, yes it's not bubble)
  7. Ow da Hedge
  8. Puyo Puyo Tetris!!!
    1. Albia (joke on how DMRE contained PPQ characters)
    2. Red Puyo (quite frusturated, but hey)
  9. Slay M.A.N (Slay Me and NOPE)
  10. Team Lamp!
    1. Spawner (big fanboy of TFFM like Flag)
    2. Lamp (nice guy but hates spawner)
    3. Buzzer (constantly buzzes and is very mean)
    4. Meteor (purely fat)
  11. The Memelords
    1. Bucket (weird & wild contestant)
    2. Ye Flask (crazy & odd girl)
  12. Team Chickenleg
  13. Sucky Beavers
    1. Log (it's just a log)


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