I should make this elimination-less camp.

Prise includes "Shut up Laclale's action once", and "Recommend your character to Object Cross Road".

Ace: And I'm this camp's host, Ace Book!

Challenges and points

Ace: Once you did a challenge, I'll add points to the challenger.

Final result

Sign up ended!

Ace: You can use 2 characters, and points are shared if sign upper is same.

CharacterImageSign upperPoints
Firey 114(male)Firey114UnluckyGuy114 (EP 1-5), ADeletdAccount (EP 6+)78
Gaster BlasterGaster BlasterBattleReviews29
Little HornLittle HornBattleReviews45
Frost(Female)Frost 2018Memekai67
Bottle StopperBottle Stopper 2018Memekai69
Skull Head(Male)Skull Head2NahuelFire3957
WFOR(Male)WFOR-My V 2.0-Jewel Ann Estodillo41
WTVJ(Male)WTVJ-My V.-Jewel Ann Estodillo43
Red Velvet Cake(Male)Red Velvet Cake (BFB)Strikeovercrazy41
Pandora Book(Female)Pandora bookiconStrikeovercrazy45
ScytheScythe (New)FANDOM Creeper34
CanteloupyCanteloupy2FANDOM Creeper31
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