Chocolate Square is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Chocolate Square’s body is a small chocolate square, presumably from a box of chocolates or a part of a chocolate bar that got broken off. She can actually split up her body in to smaller sentient parts, but it’s pretty useless, considering their strength combined is the same as her usual strength. Chocolate Square only has legs, and doesn’t have any arms.


Chocolate Square is a petite and nice person. Sometimes she can act shy, but most of the time she can be seen playing tennis, since she’s quite good at it. She likes to play games against Blue Spoon, and since he likes football, she sometimes plays that with him too. She doesn’t play too often though, since she can get tired easily, due to her small body. She is also good friends with Capey and Comic Pow, as she sometimes helps them solve crime.


  • Her splitting ability is based off of the same ability Chocolatey can do, as she did in the episode “Unprepared To Be Scared”.
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