Cherry boye

It's him.

Cherry is an OC created by TheCherryWHY.


Cherry is a cherry that is dark red. In fact, it seems to be a bit pinkish too. Cherry has a large green stem with two leafs, which in some fan-made redraws, is quite long. Cherry has a cyborg eye and a bowtie. He also has cartoonish eyes, also known as "pie eyes".


He is often friendly and helpful, but he can get angry when someone makes fun of him. He is also emotional, as he can cry randomly. He is also somewhat sarcastic.


  • This page was created by ButterBlaziken230 to help the creator out.
  • Cherry was originally a extremely suicidal object, but this was changed.
  • He likes listening to music.
  • He had a YouTube channel called "Cherry the Flipacliper". However, the channel got deleted for unknown reasons.
  • Sometimes (but not often), Cherry might swear if he gets extremely angry.
  • He hates laugh tracks.
  • The first words Cherry said in one of his videos are "Calm down, please.".
  • Cherry's birthday is on the 7th of November, 2007.
  • His favourite colour is turquoise.
  • One time, ButterBlaziken230 mistook Cherry's bandages for being a part of his headphones, calling them "crystals".
  • He owns a tablet.
  • He is a huge South Park fan.
  • The creator's username, TheCherryWHY, is a reference to a video uploaded onto Cherry's channel in which he played MovieStarPlanet. In that video, he named himself "TheCherryWHY".
  • For a very short time, after his first channel was deleted, he made a second channel called "Cherry the Flipacliper is b-a-c-k!" However, his second channel was deleted shortly after.
  • "Cherry the Flipacliper is b-a-c-k!" is an obvious reference to "Jaxen Ross is b-a-c-k!".
  • Cherry's current design officially revealed him as a cyborg.
  • Cherry is currently in Numberlemon as 53.
  • He can use his leafs as a propeller. This also means that he can fly.
  • He has a vocaded voice, similarly to Puffball.


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