Cherry, also known as the Cherries are a duo contestant on Object Overload. They were placed on Team Time.


Two cherries have different personalities. The left cherry, who has a lack of arms, is kind and nice. The right cherry, who has a lack of legs, is mean and evil. They seem to argue each other.


The End of the Beginning

In The End of the Beginning, the right cherry told PPB not to be stupid, and everyone knows Picture can't talk. And the left cherry said, "If you don't shut up in a minute, you won't be able to talk either!". Popcorn tells them why they argue to each other and Casey about why they are attached to each other. The right cherry punched the left cherry, then the left cherry kicked the right cherry. In the challenge, the right cherry said "I hate you!" to the left cherry, and the left cherry said it back to the right cherry. The right cherry hates the left cherry the most, and he punched her making them fall down.


  • Cherry is one of the two duo contestants. The other one being Tiki.
    • But Tiki is nice to each other while Cherry argues alot.
  • There is also Cherries from Inanimate Insanity II, but their relationships are different.
  • Their personality is very similar to Yin-Yang, but Yin-Yang is a symbol while Cherry is a fruit.
  • In Inanimate Insanity II, Cherry's body made a cameo in Cooking for the Grater Good.


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