Cherry, labeled The Hyperactive is a female contestant, she is almost always hyper and crazy (in personality development).

In TSFTM, She is always nice, and is very energetic. She is voiced by Maya. Most say she gets too annoying, and want her out.

She won the first season of When Objects Work and was a runner up in the third and fifth seasons.


She is a very shy contestant and doesn't get along with much people well, and gets scared from the simplest things sometimes. She gets teased by Pluggy sometimes due to her shyness, and because of that she dislikes Pluggy greatly. Her best friends are Lemony, Strawberry, And Tangeriney, because they have been the nicest to her thus far on the show. Because of her shyness though, she doesn't talk to much competitors on the show, and that makes her very unpopular and somewhat disliked to some contestants. She is very kind and a good friend when around her BFFS, But She Is rude and judgmental, and yells at her friends.


See Cherry (JoeJoe)/Relationships.


  • Anyways Cherry is a OC from Animationloco but is now owned by JoeJoeTheAnimator.
  • She Also Appeared In Object Lockdown Created By TheWuggleJack.
  • There is also a contestant from Object Madness named Cherry. He is placed on Team A.
  • Seriously She is TheRobloxianGuy67's Favourite Jordan's OC.
  • There are Cherries from Inanimate Insanity II.
  • There is also a duo of Cherry from Object Overload.


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