The Cherries, labeled The Twins are male competitors in Inanimate Insanity II. Similar to Yin-Yang, The Cherries are two characters in one. They were placed in The Bright Lights. They are voiced by Derek Napolitano.


The Cherries are two twins who share a brain. As a result, the two individual cherries are technically the same person in two bodies and share the same thoughts and opinions.

The Cherries have a similarity to children, as although they are usually a kindhearted and compassionate duo, they are very childish and loves to play pranks on the other contestants. Though, when not they are seen making jokes about other contestants and thinking they were humorous (some were quite offensive).

They are also easily angered and doesn't calm down easily. Though in Tri Your Best, they are shown to be apologetic and regrets their actions, when seen out of control.


In Breaking the Ice, Cherries debuted and was shown to be twins. The two were disgusted by Paintbrush's look, causing Paintbrush to back out, making Microphone scream and shoved them off the glacier. Cherries were placed in Lightbulb's team and later in the challenge they successfully knocked out Box, but not for long the two got knocked out by Microphone.

In Marsh on Mars, Cherries created masks where they told Soap a joke, they thought funny. Cherries were interrupted by Marshmallow and Apple, which later got enraged and created a contraption that sent Marshmallow to space. In elimination, Cherries was safe and Tissues was eliminated. In the challenge, Cherries didn't do much and also didn't participate or anticipate as much. Later, their team was up for elimination, since Apple brought an egg not Marshmallow.

In Tri Your Best, Cherries was shown in elimination yet worried and they were in the bottom two along with Yin-Yang, despite the fact they were eliminated with 974 votes. Cherries apologized to Box and then got shoved into the portal by Yang.

In Everything's A-OJ, they had a relatively minor role, where they appeared inside of OJ's closet. They were also seen when they were sitting with the rest of the elimination contestants. When MePhone4 arrived they were knocked back into the portal. They also said "Brace yourself, it's coming" when Nickel said "I hope there's not a another verse."


  • The Cherries are a unique character, as they have two separate bodies implied to be the same person in either body.
  • The Cherries were revealed to be Maraschinos after shouting "Long Live The Maraschinos!" as they got eliminated.
  • The original assets for the Cherries are physically incorrect, as the mark of specular light and shadow appear on the same side until adjusted in "Tri Your Best."
  • Similar to Yin-Yang, although the Cherries are known as two people, they are counted as a single contestant by the standards of Inanimate Insanity II.
  • The Cherries are a single person in two bodies, whereas Yin-Yang is two people stuck together in one body.
    • Additionally, the Cherries are similar to each other as they get along well; in contrast, Yin and Yang are opposites and do not cooperate much.
  • Typically, the left cherry speaks more than the right cherry, while the right cherry pantomimes what the left cherry says.
  • The Cherries are the first Season 2 Novice to speak, voiced by Derek Napolitano.
    • However, Box is credited as being voiced by Derek Napolitano, although Box has no voice.
  • Including Balloon, the Cherries are male contestants who have a high-pitched voice.
  • The official website reveals they have more masks than just the Marshmallow and Apple masks seen in "Marsh on Mars."
  • As to individual tasks, the left cherry deals with the logical side more, whereas the right cherry deals with the creative feats.
  • At Hotel OJ, Cherries gives connection counseling services to Yin-Yang. The left cherry deals with Yin while the right cherry deals with Yang.

Fan Fiction

Human Names

  • Cody and Cory Cox (NLG343)
  • Charles (left) and Charlie (right) Fleming (KittyFan2004)
  • Mario (left) and Corvette (right) Anvil (GameboyNextGeneration)
  • Chris and Clyde Martinek (Opinduver)
  • Charleyyy and Friends(Bowser)
  • Mario and Luigi (memes)
  • Albert and Jake (mrflimflam)
  • Chandler (left) and Charles (right) Balinay


  • November 3, 2002 (Opinduver)
  • March 17, 2000 (KittyFan2004
  • September 19, 2006 (NLG343)
  • November 20, 1999 (Ze Tossere)

Where the Cherries are from

  • East Grand Rapids, Michigan (Ze Tossere)
  • Baltimore, Maryland (KittyFan2004)
  • Red Devil, Alaska


In ButterBlaziken230’s Crossover Object Show, Clash For Object Supremacy, Cherries were a team captain. They became one after they auditioned and made a speech, depicting that them working together in challenges could symbolise teamwork among their teammates. This was successful, as they got the most votes among the contestants to become a team captain. They picked 9 other contestants for their team, however they mostly picked Battle for Dream Island or Inanimate Insanity contestants.

In the first challenge, they don’t do much, but they praise Marker for playing Toss The Dirt, burying a hole for the water to go in so they can win (the challenge was to collect as much rain as possible.

In the second challenge, their teamwork symbolism starts to mean less. They get annoyed at Marker for saving a contestant who was on the other team, and while they squabble, they get crushed. Because they didn’t have a strategy like The Imaginators did, they lost.


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