Cherish Ball is a girl on my scratch show: "Battle for scratch world"
Cherish Ball

Yes. Yes. Episode 1 never came out. But one day it will.

Gender: Girl

Friends: Pop Tart, Loading, Error, Framey

Enimes: Diamond Pickaxe, Note, Speed Boost, Medicene, Slide, 9 Ball

Info: She always stuffs things into her. *And Pokemon like the 2 shes holding and Mew and mythicals* And plays Pokemon games.

Likes: Anything Pokemon Related. Winning. Pikachu. Prizes. Pokemon Games. Shinies. AuSLove.TV. Ash Ketcum.

Hates: Digimon. Anyone Who Hates Pokemon. Losing. Shoutmon. Yu-gi-oh. Pokemon Rip Offs.

Eliminated: N/A

Place: N/A

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