Cheese Wheel is a contestant on Too Many Objects. He's on Team Watermelone. His label is "The Competitive One".


He is a very optimistic contestant, looking to win each contest for his team. He gets a bit infuriated when his team loses, but he accepts this, and so he pushes his team harder each time. Not too many people like him because of his competivity, but at least he's not bossy, so he has a broken base.


Winning, his team, running, sports, jumping, swimming, hiking, and other athletic activities.


Losing, elimination, lollygaggers, laziness, being called "bossy" because of training his team, vehicles, and other un-athletic things.

Contestant Card

The Competitive One: Cheese Wheel
  • Contestant Number: 8
  • Team: Team Watermelone
  • Age: 17
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