Charlie and Nicholas' Cool Site

Charlie and Nicholas' Cool Site is an annoying character in BFDIIH.


  • "I want nearly ice cream!" (Episode 4, his debut)
  • "Hey Snowball! Want to watch Nick Jr. with me?" (Episode 6)
  • "Yum! Cherry filling!" (Episode 7)
  • "Flower! Wanna kick me?" (Episode 9)
  • "Muffins for sale!" (Episode 11)
  • "Yummy!" (Episode 12 when he saw Fries)
  • "Dum dum!" (Episode 13 when he saw Bubble)
  • "Yo friends!" (Episode 15 with Ice Cube)
  • "I love books" (Episode 17)
  • "Let's watch Nick Jr.! PBS Kids! Disney Junior!" (Episode 20)
  • "I want to get revenge on her!" (Episode 25, last appearence)
  • "Ewww, gross!" (The Battle for Dream Island Movie)


  • He wants to get friendly with others inviting them to help making ice cream and watching baby shows.
  • He is the worst character EVER.
  • On Brawl of the Objects, he could assault or/and kill Pizza.
  • She likes to eat everything.
  • After Episode 25, he became an lost contestant and sent to the LCC.
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