Yes, I am still here, and I am afraid of the countdown.

Currently STU

Yes, a few live. Some of them are confirmed DEAD!


A few new objects including Duhstort.

Not Yet Made

  • LINE Sticker, basically a Cookie Run Sticker
  • I'm remaking every single Object Show of Doom/Topsy Turvy contestant.


  • Common
    • Glass: "Last BRAVE standing"
    • Sweet Lollipop: No, not a Lollipop Clone. Why would I make clones anyways?
    • Jam: Made out of jam.
    • Skateboard: Does 360 degrees tricks.
  • Epic
    • UFO: An easily confused alien.
    • Jellyco: A super SUPERHERO. You don't know how hot he is!
    • Sleet: A skater.
    • Lullaby: Literally something. Is extremely relaxing.
    • Shiranui: Is a charming ball of love at first, but when she becomes a fox an ACTUAL SHIRANUI!!!
    • Hook: Does not fear anything! Including death! Is a pirate!
    • 3D Glasses: A cinephile. MOVIE FANATIC!
    • Furball: A werewolf.
    • Cryo: Summoner of snow creatures.
    • Wizard Hat: Wizard of Logharts.
    • Spear: UHH, what do I say!
    • Strawberry Jam: Ill-fated.
    • Stringy: Violinist.
    • Hot Chocolate: Is careful not to spill.
    • Yuki: Obsessed with hockey. However is an ice mage.

Confirmed to Return

  • Bad Scribble
  • Geode
  • Sword
  • Tricky
  • Magazine
  • Stegy
  • Skully
  • Blobby
  • Blostma
  • Honeyhive
  • Fluxy
  • Tiki
  • Pyre
  • Streamy
  • Ordery
  • Discord
  • Alluvium
  • Oil Can
  • Stoney
  • Spirit
  • Cure Pill
  • Gemini
  • Scorpio
  • Aquarius
  • Alpenglowy
  • Enchanty
  • Spoty
  • Jawbreaker


  • ILHOS used to be scrapped but being OAE did some theft and it was revealed OAE loved the idea, he decided to return it. Also, I didn't say anybody could adopt ILHOS.
  • False Factoid, if you remove the "FALSE!" on him, reveals the statement that T3chyy is good. This was made to mock OAE oversaturating Object Iwannadie with T3chyy.
    • On the other hand, It's PURE Trash is sadly running out of ideas for characters, thus oversaturating exists their. To prevent this, Mr. Yokai decided to go find some ideas, and even make poorly drawn slap-a-face on 'em objects for the show, to make it look more like pure trash. As a result, It's PURE Trash is correctly named.
  • Unfortunaly, I haven't used Scratch 2.0 Offline Editor in a while, thus you may see a great decline in quality.
  • Two objects were made to mock some TSRITW-related misspellings.
    • Holiver was made to mock the fact the original Holiver (an hourglass) has a silent H in the name.
    • TSIRTW was made to mock the fact that there's multiple people misspelling TSRITW's name as TSIRTW.
  • No, I'm not obsessed with the color purple.
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