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FACT: TSRITW is more of a grammar police, hates BattleReviews (just for his GRAMMAR), blah blah blah. I'll show you some at the end.


The challege is to make an enemy for BS&PR:RJ. Here's the elements.

Bloonbusters Saga


  1. Scorch: Fire, fire, fire!
  2. Fulgor: Light, in particular.
  3. Grama: Nature and stuff!
  4. Pummel: Sports, balls, you name it.
  5. Feudal: Knights, guards, medieval stuff.
  6. Umbra: Darkness.
  7. Shuriken: Ninja-related characters. Get sneaky!
  8. Marine: Water element.
  9. Fuse: Electricity element.
  10. Touch: Video games; perfect!
  11. Occult: Brains, brains, brains.
  12. Onyx: Rock element.
  13. Gale: Wind. Flying characters included.
  14. Serum: Healers; they are able to cure. Sometimes attack!
  15. Tundra: Chilly element, to be exact.
  16. Opera: SOUND. AMP IT UP, BABY!
  17. Bane: Poison element.
  18. Taboo: Magic!
  19. Yurei: Ghosts, monsters, the undead.
  20. Gizmo: Robots.
  21. Vigor: Strong characters. Punchy.
  22. Pabulum: Food-related element.
  24. Wrath: Evil. Evil.
  25. Jurassic: Pretty much for those in the Jurassic period or stuff.
  26. Fusillade: EXPLOSIONS!
  27. Succor: Support element; attack boosts and such.
  28. Pierce: Sharp stuff.
  29. Constellation: As the element goes, stars and constellations.
  30. Accel: Speed.
  31. Yule: Christmas-related.
  32. Career: The element says it all.
  33. Granule: Ground.
  34. CPU: Basically anything virtual, like in your computer!
  35. Drone: Bugs and other stuff like that.
  36. Epoch: Time-related elements. Clocks and stuff!
  37. Squadron: Military-related element.
  38. Toon: Characters related to those old cartoons. OLD-TIMEY!
  39. Armament: Weaponized characters. Serves as another version of Beh.
  40. Draco: Dragons.
  41. Amazing: Awesome. And MLG.
  42. Gambol: Funloving, clowns, those things.
  43. Trigonometry: Math-related! Like squares!
  44. Chroma: Paint. Colors. Wisps (maybe).
  45. Insurance: Money money money!
  46. Bijou: Crystal characters.
  47. Punk: Steampunk characters.
  48. Grav: Gravity element.
  49. Plate: The steel element; different from Gizmo.
  50. Animus: Animation, life, stuff like that. Mostly objects which are now living things.
  51. Repulse: Magnetic element...
  52. Organ: Things related to your body, like blood and hearts. Ew.
  53. Vellum: Paper element.
  54. Construct: The element of building!
  55. Mythic: Greek stuff.
  56. Cuspid: Fangs and other stuff.
  57. Amor: Love element.
  58. Crafty: Toys, DIY stuff, yeah. Essentially the better Plush.
  59. Coop: Teamwork element.
  60. Hallow: Opposite of Wrath; good guys and not evil.
  61. Haunt: Halloween element.
  62. Bulwark: Vigor, but with protection instead. They usually have lots of defense involved.
  63. Semblance: Related to feelings.
  64. Snare: Trap-related element.
  65. Beh: Basically normal.


  1. Bio: Science and stuff. Not really Sci-fi.
  2. Sludge: Slime element.
  3. Fae: The fairy element.
  4. Order: Peace and law.
  5. Discord: Chaos.
  6. Range: Vigor but with ranged stuff.
  7. Torpor: Dream element. What more?
  8. App: Appstore stuff. Basically contains everything from the App Saga category.
  9. Talent: "Typical superhero powers."
  10. Parkour: Basically, obstacles and stuff. Yeah...
  11. Mire: Containment stuff! Yay!
  12. Beckon - Summoning.
  13. Sakurai - Anything related to Japan. No racism intended.
  14. Flex - Social thinking, not stretchiness!
  15. Varmint - For animals, BUT only if they're wild animals and they're like an animal.

Random Adventures


  1. Basic: For when you can't find a good element.
  2. Pyro: Fire and spice.
  3. Windy: Air. Also includes birds.
  4. Rocky: The earth element. That's it.
  5. Polar: ICE ICE BABY!
  6. Green: Nature, plants, the color...
  7. Iron: Metal! Also sharp things.
  8. Lightning: Electricity.
  9. Magic: For the wizards and witches and sorcerers.
  10. Sunny: Sun, stars... basically any light.
  11. Moon: Stay back, or you'll be LEFT IN THE DARK!
  12. Block: Video games, and maybe Lego bricks and square things.
  13. Undead: Ghosts, zombies, mummies, you name 'em.
  14. Smarty: Logic and brains. NOT THE CANDY.
  15. Symbol: Letters, numbers, anything on your keyboard.
  16. Stone: It's for rocks and ores. It's NOT Iron or Rocky.
  17. Chemical: Chemistry! OH NO YEAH!
  18. Critter: Got animals? Use this class.
  19. Mania: I got this from DML, but it's dragons.
  20. Random: Can't decide? Let pure luck do it for you!
  21. Bouncy: For round things and things that bounce, like trampolines.
  22. Confection: Candy and desserts.
  23. Chronicle: Time. Just time.
  24. Trinitrotoluene: Bombs! Gunpowder!
  25. Hydro: Water. That's it.

New (or at least, returning from the old version)

  1. King: Royalty and chess pieces.
  2. Stealthy: Ninjas. Maybe cats.
  3. Life: Healing and stuff.
  4. Music: THE HILLS ARE ALIVE- Just kidding. This one's for noise.
  5. Poison: X_X

Portal RPG


  1. Steel: Metal stuff.
  2. Light: PRPG's Fulgor.
  3. Dark: PRPG's Umbra.
  4. Dragon: For PRPG dragons.
  5. Fighting: Vigor in PRPG.
  6. Flying: KINDA like Gale and Wind; mostly birds and flying stuff.
  7. Psychic: Brains and stuff.
  8. Grass: Grama in PRPG.
  9. Rock: Onyx in PRPG.
  10. Paper: You probably know.
  11. Poison: Like, toxic.
  12. Ghost: Spirits and stuff.
  13. Normal: <---------
  14. Sound: PRPG's Opera.
  15. Water: Marine in PRPG.
  16. Fire: PRPG's Scorch
  17. Slime: For slimy stuff.
  18. Electric: What it says.
  19. Ice: Well, it's Polar and Tundra in PRPG.
  20. Bug: Insects and stuff.
  21. Distortion: The glitch element.
  22. Ground: Rocky in PRPG.

Proof I'm not TSRITW

Although this is from another wiki, which would... well, weaken my point.

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