Capey is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Capey looks like a cape. She is orange, with her face being on the back of the cape (the part that is seen when it is worn). She has arms and legs, with her arms being to the side, and her legs being at the bottom. At the top of her body is the collar, where the wearer would put their neck. Overall, Capey has a simplistic design.


Capey is a dreamer that dreams of becoming a superhero. Because of this passion, she likes to help people when they need it, so people can one day call her a superhero. Because of her ways, she has a pretty good reception among ButterBlaziken230’s other OCs. Overall, she is one of the brightest objects you’ll ever hear about!



A redraw.

  • Capey’s image looks like a volcano.
  • In the image, if you look to the bottom left corner, you can see Unknowny’s horns.
  • Once, when trying to create a light signal to be used when people were in trouble, she temporarily blinded Blue Tetramino. That didn’t go down very well with his friends.
  • Once, when Glovey was dizzy, he called Capey “Candy Corn”!
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