Canned Goomba is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Canned Goomba’s body is a small blue can, containing what seems to be the body parts of the common Super Mario enemy, the Goomba. A drawing of the Goomba is on the front, along with his face. At the top of this cylinder body, there is a grey part that can be opened to reveal the insides. Surprisingly, Canned Goomba was born with two large wings, with grey spikes at the end.


Canned Goomba is fed up with talking to people. He’s actually Bacteria Splat’s older brother, and Canned Goomba hates him to death. Bacteria Splat always annoys him and never leaves him alone. Canned Goomba also has anger issues, which doesn’t mix well with the annoyance of Bacteria Splat. He often starts damaging everything around him in a rage because Bacteria Splat has done something completely stupid. Overall, he just wants to be alone, far away from everyone.


  • Canned Goomba is actually from a mini game in Mario Party 5.
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