This article is about the Candy Corn made by ButterBlaziken230. You may be looking for the Mystique Island version..

Candy Corn is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230, and a contestant in both Clash For Object Supremacy and Battle For A Seed.


Candy Corn looks like the classic Halloween treat - candy corn! Her face is in the orange section (if she had arms, they’d be there too). At the bottom of her body are her rather short legs.


Candy Corn is labelled ‘Energy Breaking Free’. Once you take a glance at her character, it makes sense. Candy Corn has a crazy, energetic side that she never unleashes because she’ll be embarrassed. She longs to go to a place where such craziness is accepted. Outside of this, she’s nerdy and a jokester (the latter being the only exit for her madness).

The Great OC Race

In The Great OC Race, Candy Corn was eliminated in Round 5. However, when it got to the final 2 between Spikey Ruler and Glovey, she joined, and pulled in a victory, being crowned the winner of The Great OC Race.


  • Candy Corn hates it when people draw her because they mostly get the colours mixed up.
  • Candy Corn shares a pretty big friendship with -1. She acted like a mother to him through Clash For Object Supremacy until -1 got eliminated.
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