Camera is a female contestant in Object Mayhem. She was placed into Team Lucky/Gun. She was unfairly eliminated in episode 5, due to the bowling ball being manipulated by Gun.


Unusual But good

Camera is first seen asking Ice cream to join her team. Her team consists of Gun, Dice, Ice Cream, and Mirror. Gun suggests and forces the team name to be "Team Gun". During the challenge, Camera complains to Gun that he isn't doing anything and is going to make them loose the challenge. Afterwards apparently is shot at by Gun.

Find it!

Camera was safe at elimination with 9 votes and gets what appears to be a cinnamon flavored donut. This is the only time in the episode when Camera does any interaction.

Robot Frenzy

Camera is seen being a goofball in the background during the explanation of the challenge. Since 2 people on Team Gun were caught, they were up for elimination. Camera then says "Ahh really? We are up for Elimination AGAIN?"

To be or not to be

When Gun says "Can't I be nice to you guys for once?" Camera replies "Not really" and is immediately told to shut up by Gun which causes Ice Cream to be sent flying. In the elimination, Camera is safe with only 7 votes against her and receives a snail as a prize. Before Gun is hit by the bowling ball, he states that he will get revenge on his team. When Team Fishers is thinking of an idea, Camera can be seen flying in the background. Team Gun then renames themselves to Team Lucky. For their presentation, Team Lucky makes a body pillar. However they loose the challenge with a score of 7/30.

And Bingo was his name-o

Camera appears with Ice Cream and Dice and they were sad that they are up for elimination. Camera screamed along with Dice when Window broke Ice Cream. After the intro, Camera walks to the elimination with Ice Cream and Dice. In the elimination, Camera was safe with 38 votes, but since the bowling ball hitted her, she was eliminated instead of Ice Cream unfairly because of Gun who manipulated it.


  • She is the only contestant to be eliminated unfairly.
  • She is the first female contestant to be eliminated.
  • Camera appears to be a polaroid SONY camera.
  • If I Died


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