Camera is a very crazy and odd character in the Fight For Computer Kingdom series. In FFCK, he was the most underrated character with the least amount of screen time, and even got eliminated first with 4 votes. His only line being "I wanna taste Win Token!"

In Fight For Computer Kingdom Reloaded, Camera had a big improvement with his overall character. He actually was very useful in most challenges, the most notable being the food making challenge, where he and Potion collected blue berries for a blueberry pie. He was seen as a comedic character along with his best friend or worst enemy, Eggy. The two would always have fights and argue about useless stuff. It is safe to say that Camera is now a very popular character, and he even made it to the merge with Eggy.

Only 3 episodes of Mysteries Of Computer Kingdom, otherwise better known as MOCK. In those 3 episodes, Camera is seen to act like his FFCK Reloaded self.

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